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3 Top Features That Make Shopify Plus To Standout As The Best Scalable E-commerce Solution For Enterprise Online Business In UK

3 Top Features That Make Shopify Plus To Standout As The Best Scalable E-commerce Solution For Enterprise Online Business In UK

Imagine your online business has outgrown the current e-commerce platform. You’re no longer in the category of SMEs. Instead, you’re serving other vendors through offering wholesale prices and selling products for resale purposes. The current e-commerce solution does not serve your customers and business needs. Now, you’re on the lookout for an enterprise e-commerce platform that will accommodate current demands in your business.

Unfortunately, you are encountering a challenge in making your choice. Every expert is recommending a different platform. The good news is that you’re now in the right place. Without any doubt, Shopify plus is one of the market leaders in the provision of e-commerce solutions for enterprise business. Here are the top features that make it the best idea for you:

24/7 customer support

When selling online, you understand the possibility of technological hitches. Your e-commerce platform may experience downtime or other technical issues. Such issues impact your customer service. For instance, when your site is down, the customers will be unable to process their transactions. As such, you will not make any sales. Your rate of rectifying such hitches will determine whether you will lose your customers or not. For Shopify, customers are a priority. The company ensures that you have access to 24/7 customer support. Hence, your chances of losing sales due to poor support services are minimal.

Security features

No doubt online frauds and cyber crimes are on their peak in this decade. The hackers are targeting online business with high potential of benefits. As a business owner at the enterprise level, it is essential to prioritize your venture and customer information security. However, this is only possible if your enterprise e-commerce platform offers features and tools to support it.

For Shopify plus, your security is their concern. The platform provides you with adequate security features to ensure no unauthorized access to your information. Also, it offers SSL and compliant to PCI. This aspect ensures your customer data will be safe when they transact with your business.

A highly scalable platform

As a webpreneur, your core principle is growth. Despite reaching the enterprise level, you desire to expand your sales and customer base. For this reason, you need a platform that can support this objective. Shopify plus is a highly scalable enterprise e-commerce platform. With it, you’re sure that no time your site will go offline due to high traffic. Hence, you can sell to as my customers as possible without any worries.

And these features make Shopify plus a top-rated enterprise e-commerce solution.

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