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Shopify: Why Every Online Merchant Should Go For A Saas Scalable Enterprise Solution

Shopify: Why Every Online Merchant Should Go For A Saas Scalable Enterprise Solution

In this decade, selling online is the norm. Whether you deal with ten or a million customers or you own a small or an enterprise venture, moving it online is not a choice among many. When planning to move your business to the virtual space, the first item to consider is an e-commerce platform. You need to determine whether your pick will accommodate your business needs or not. Also, you need to check whether it tallies with your budget.

 As a merchant, considering an enterprise e-commerce platform is recommendable. However, choosing the type of solution to go with is a challenge. Basically, you must choose between a SaaS and an open source platform. Each of these has its benefits and shortcomings. Regardless of this aspect, here are reasons why every merchant should consider a SaaS scalable enterprise solution such as Shopify plus offer an open source:

It is easy to set up your online store

Certainly, your online journey begins with setting up a store. To do this, you need an e-commerce platform or a web portal to house your store. For SaaS enterprise platforms, you build your store the way you sign up for other websites. All you need is creating an account and use the web editor to drag and drop your preferable features. So, no coding needed. In contrast, open source requires you to build your store from scratch. Hence, it is complex to set up your online store.

Timely updates and well-maintained software

If you’re not new to the virtual space, you’re aware of cybercrimes. One of the green lands for hackers is the use of outdated software. For you to maintain and keep up with timely software updates, you need to invest an adequate amount of cash. However, SaaS enterprise e-commerce platform providers such as Shopify take over the burden. Upon paying the subscription fee and charges, you enjoy unlimited software updates and maintenance. This way, you block any software-targeted frauds.

They are cloud-based

In today’s world, running a successful business calls for having real-time information. By this, it means that you should be able to access your business information at any time and in any place. SaaS enterprise e-commerce solutions apply this principle. The platform offers you a cloud-based portal. Hence, you can monitor your business while on holiday, at home, or wherever you are as long as you have an internet-enabled device.

As such, you have several reasons why a SaaS enterprise e-commerce solution is an amicable choice.

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